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Database Applications Web Services

Web services ( application services ) is one of the most important part of today development where we ceneteralized or data and allow user to access that data from different sources like web, software, app etc.. Web service provide Interoperability between two different language. Web service are easy to understand or to made we can easily create a web service of our website. There are no of method through which you can create you web service .


REST Web Service

Now days webservice are required with mobile development.There are no of method through which you can create you web service.

1. REST (Representational State Transfer)
2. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
3. XML-RPC (Remote Procedure Call)

Reporting Tool

  • Interactive Report Designer
  • Runs Against MySQL, SQLite
  • Out in HTML, PDF, CSV
  • Inclusion of custom PHP code to allow complex manipulation of data prior to reporting

Dynamic Reporting

The generated Web pages are pure PHP, no server side or client-side component is required. Designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate the reports that best suits your needs.